Material Design Elements (v2)

Ionic 2 has done really, really well on the material design front already, and that is in fact one of the primary reasons I decided to mess around with Ionic 2 (without knowing Ionic 1). However, there are still a lot of key design elements missing, like for example:

  1. Tall statusbar/toolbar (with ability to put a FAB on it):

  2. The ability to have FABs made into something else on iOS because they look really weird on iOS.

  3. Built-in material motions and animations: (FABs spreading over the whole screen, card rearrangement, card expansion, etc.)

  4. Chips

Just wanted to bring those to your attention. I know that Ionic 2 is still very young, so I hope these get implemented in the future. However currently I need a way to have #1 - the tall statusbar. How can I do this, currently?