Match Contacts by name only

I’m using the ionic Native ‘Contacts’ plugin.
I’m having a problem with matching contacts by GivenName and FamilyName only.
The way that is generally advocated is to do something like

var fieldTypes: ContactFieldType[] = ["name", "displayName"];
var options: ContactFindOptions = new ContactFindOptions();
this.options.filter = "John Doyle";
this.contacts.find(this.fieldTypes, this.options);

Firstly, the ios contact list does not have the displayName field (at least my mini ipad doesn’t), so I use formatted instead.

However, I am unable to match by name when the contact contains a middle name. So when you assume the above code and try to find "John Doyle", I am unable to match if the contact on the device has a formatted name such as "John Francis Doyle".

I’ve tried using

var fieldTypes: ContactFieldType[] = ["givenName", "familyName"];

But that returns no results at all…
Does anyone know how to accomplish this?


I managed to get it working with

var fieldTypes: ContactFieldType[] = ["*"];

It distinguishes between entries with same surname, i.e. it finds all three entries of
Dan Cortez, Drew Cortez and Simon Cortez as filter.

I am confused about this, by the same token the ContactFieldType[] = ["givenName", "familyName"]; should work as well…

Can anyone throw any light on this?