Masonry problems with ionic


I’ve started using masonry with Ionic.
It works pretty good but sometimes (for example when I show a modal windows) the masonry layout breaks and all the card become overlapped (with just a little vertical gap).
I’ve tried to execute a .reloadItem() and .layout() but nothing happen (I suppose is some kind of weird interaction between ionic and masonry, the first using css translate3d and the latter using css positioning [top+left]).

Does anybody use masonry with tabs in Ionic?
Have you experienced any issue?

I am using official masonry library with

and these are my masonry settings

    <div masonry='{ "transitionDuration" : "0.4s" ,
                    "itemSelector" : ".brick",
                    "isFitWidth": true}'
      <div class="brick-size"></div>
      <a masonry-tile class="brick" ng-repeat="item in items" href="#/tab/events/{{}}/">


The same problem for me