Maps and marker clicks on iOS 9


After updating my device to iOS 9, I am having problems with detecting marker click events on maps, which was working perfectly when my device was on iOS 8. The clicks are detected at first, but after some events are performed, clicks no longer fire.

I have tried both Google Maps and Leaflet. While I have not yet found a fully deterministic path to reproducing precisely at what point do the marker clicks no longer fire, I have noticed some patterns:

  1. On Google Maps, the first 4-6 clicks are detected, and none thereafter.
  2. On Leaflet, all clicks are detected in the first instance of the map view. When moving into another view and back into the map view, the clicks no longer fire. Usually 2 or 3 iterations of cycling out and in of the map view is needed before the clicks stop firing. Double clicks and other events are unaffected.

The map is always wrapped with data-tap-disabled=“true”.

Is anyone else having similar problems?


Yes! We are also experiencing similar problems with our maps. We use Leaflet. Which version of Ionic are you using. We are using 1.0.1. Would be interesting if a bump solves the issues.

After a whole day of experimenting, I was not able to arrive at a fix. However, I switched from a Javascript map implementation to a native one, using the phonegap-googlemaps-plugin, which offers a much smoother experience and what I would have switched to anyway. I would recommend going native. You may have a few issues with navigation and the side menu, but there are documented fixes on these boards. I am using Ionic 1.0.0.

Sadly we are bound to a customer requirement, that does not allow any wrapping respectively making the application native. So for us that is no option. However I’m glad to hear you were able to workaround your issue. Then I also have to dig. If I find something, I let you know.

Hey pakro, Did you get a chance to solve this using ionic framework & angular leaflet directive?
If yes, Can you please throw some light on the above?

Hey @yedidhav, we finally ended up in bumping our leaflet version to the 1.0 beta 2. But we don’t use the angularjs directives for leaflet. You may have to adapt them yourself for being able to cooperate. That solved our problems with not clickable markers and didn’t destroy anything (we are testing at the moment, and it seems to work quite well). We still have some minor glitches with iOS9 but they are by far not as game breaking as the clicking issue.

Sorry that I can’t tell you something better. But if you are interested in debugging leaflet look for code snippet where the dom events for interaction are attached and refactored for use in leaflet. There I observed that on iOS9 devices sometimes the click event is missing after a mousedown -> mouseup chain. Normally it should always throw the click after that chain, but somehow that does not happen.

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For your info, we are also experiencing the same issue with ionic 1.1.0.
Exactly the same patterns as the ones described by @djrober.

I can confirm this bug.

Can someone provide a solution without using Leaflet? I am using ionic 1.1.0.

For your info, I have opened an issue on Github:

Thanks pakro, your solution did work for me…Sorry for the late reply

+1 I’m still facing this issue