Many problems with ionic 7 I need help

Ok, I have many problems right now. I totally busted my ionic 4 app when trying to do upgrades and my backups didn’t work. so I have to rebuild a new one in ionic 7 but thee are some problems.

  1. Google update last night and now whenever I do an ionic serve it starts but it continuously reloads in a loop. So i can’t really edit ionic because its freaking out on the browser
  2. i want to create a catchall route that if there is no page created then it goes to a generic page. For example if I use it goes to my homepage, if i goto Log In ‹ — WordPress it goes to my login page. But if I do, it goes to a generic page. i used to be able to do this by adding in a path with ** in it that led to the generic page. For example:
    path: "**",
    loadChildren: () =>
        (m) => m.GenericPageModule

but now that no longer works it just gives me a NG04002: Cannot match any routes. error.

I’m just starting to reprogram this and already running into all sorts of problems with this version of ionic

Does anyone know what to do about these problems. I hope i was able to specify enough for you all to understand.

While copying over code from ionic 4 project to the new ionic 7 project, you may also need to do some refactoring. copying and pasting wont work. Work through each module and component one by one. to make sure it’s not a certain module that’s giving you the problems.

Opening many post about your ionic app is broken is not going to help you either. It’s just going to confuse you even more by frankensteining your app if you dont understand whats going on.

Sorry I dind’t mean to open more than one post I thought one got lost before I submitted. I decided to restart the programming and go with ionic 7. its gonna take me a few weeks to get this code working again but I should be ok. I"m learning of so many different things. The standalone is different and I have to load some things through the main.ts file instead of the app.module. Also Adding the PWA using the ng add @angular/pwa doesn’t seem to work in the standalone module. Does anyone know how to set that up using the new standalone. There are not a lot of tutorials for Ionic 7 yet. I’ve looked all over the web. I’ll start looking through this forum a little closer to see what I can find.

Angular standalone is a very big change and some things still don’t work properly as angular/pwa.
If you are not familiar with it, you can still create a regular ionic 7 angular app that is more closer to what you are used to and to what existing tutorials explain.

Yeah I understand that. I was able to add a service worker to it by doing all manually. Now I have another problem. now when I do an ionic serve my localhost app is stuck in a loop. it seems like the app keeps rebooting as if I made a change to one of the files and it won’t stop. I’m trying to read my console but it goes to fast for me to see what the errors are. Happens in both Chrome and Edge so i;m thinking its a problem with ionic 7. I may just downgrade to ionic 6.