Managing Image Size for Different Devices

Hello Everyone,

I’m getting image links from db, and using one image size for each link to show images. For compatiblity, I’m using 1080x1920px resolution image for each. However appearance sucks on Iphone6s due to expected reasons.

I’m not sure that using such size image to cover all devices makes sense or not. I think there should be another way to handle it.

On the other hand, Keeping (repeating) different size of an image (example: Iphone 6:750x1334, 6 plus: 1080x1920) seems weird in terms of storage.

I’m using %90 of screen size as content to show images at the middle of screen.

Please guide me which way is correct to show images well on different devices…

  1. Keeping different size images on server?
  2. Using one and big-sized image (ex. 1080x1920)? (let device to arrange inside fixed size div)
  3. Using plugin?
  4. Anything else?

Appreciated your kind help and guidance in advance.