Manage page

I have to do this:
when I install my app first time in my device (android or ios) that time my first page of app will be index.html…and after close the app…again I open my app that time my first page should be login.html …Then How can I manage it…I have no any idea…I have logic but want code

I think what you are looking for is that your application can keep the session started. Really it is difficult to give you code … Try to add pictures or examples of what you want … Remember that at least you must try for us to correct and support you.

Set a variable in local storage on the first run, then based on the value of it go to the desired state (page).

foe example ,generally when you install app first time in your mobile…that time only you will register and use that app…but after first use you close the app and start again that time app will be start from only login page…that I tried to say

Thanks…but I tried with session storage in init() of my index page…but it was unsuccessful…so suggest me which type of local storage