Make a "split screen"


I have currently a big problem with making a split screen. I want to have three section as you can see on the attached picture: Section 1 is a banner with a profile picture which should be fixed. Section 2 is a scrollable list and section 3 is again a fixed button. The problem is that section 2 should not overlap section 1 and 3.

I have the following code for the home.html tmeplate:

This is section 1 which is somehow not displayed without "ion-header-bar class=“bar bar-subheader”> -> I don’t know why

  <div class="banner_holder animated fadeInUpBig">
    <div class="banner_holderImage">
      <div class = "center">
        <div><img src = "img/profile.jpg" class="circularProfilePic" ></div>


This should be section 3 with the button

  <ion-scroll direction="y" style="position: relative; top:265px; height:40%;" >
    ** Section 2: Here is the scrollable list**



Can someone give me a template which would exactly do as in the picture ?