[Mac OSX] Ionic Serve Chrome is slow

Hello, I have recently switch my computer for a new MacBook Pro (before I was on a Windows computer), and when I run ionic serve for dev on chrome it is really slow.

I mean, i click on my button for open the menu, action is triggered 20s later, same for other actions…
This bug was not present where I was on my Windows Laptop with Chrome.

Bug is not present on Safari, but i would like to use Chrome…

Any issue for that ?

Sorry for my english, and thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Exactly the same for me, sometimes I have to wait 20-30s just to get the control back on my computer.
It just freeze everything.
And auto-reload is sometimes impossible to work with as it takes ages to reload the page.

Thanks in advance, if anyone has a solution.
I use the last version of chrome + phpstorm as IDE
Macbook pro on siera