Lottie Animation

Hi Everyone,
So I am using lottie animations in my ionic 3 app and i would like to slow down the speed of the animation and set the direction.
Do you have any idea of how I could do it ?
Thanks for the answers.

Use ng-lottie
check the documentation from ng-lottie
You can set animation speed with the following method :

setSpeed(speed: number) {
        this.animationSpeed = speed;
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Hi @iamdevsaikat thanks for your answer.
I saw the documentation. So after putting the method in my ts file , how should I use it in my html view ?

@adjacoumbasamb in html use lottie-animation-view

Example :


<lottie-animation-view [options]="lottieConfig"></lottie-animation-view>


this.lottieConfig = {
  path: 'assetsnimationons/animation.json',

@iamdevsaikat Yes i’ve done like that in my component :


and in my html view :


I think i’m missing something but I don’t know what it is.

@adjacoumbasamb import LottieAnimationViewModule in module.ts
Use LottieAnimationViewModule instead of LottieAnimationViewModule.forRoot() in module.ts


Okay done and for the speed function ? Am I using it in the right way ?