Lots of Unanswered Questions on the Forum


As a new user of Creator and with limited tutorials, the forum is the place to go. However a great number of questions remain unanswered so it is not clear if this forum is followed by just users or by Ionic support staff as well.

I feel that there should be a concerted effort by the Ionic Support staff to answer as many forum questions as possible as ultimately this will allow the product to develop and users will feel valued.

Because I’m based in the UK, Ionic paid support for me is out of hours so getting a quick response to a problem can actually result in me waiting overnight for feedback, hence the need to visit the forum to look for possible solutions.


I’m definitely still learning how to ask tech questions correctly but from my painful experience asking questions on stack overflow, I’ve seen the benefits of showing the offending code and adding setup info to the question and being clear. also checking if my question has been asked before - either on this forum or elsewhere (stack overflow).

A lot of the questions unanswered here (but not all!) are questions I’ve seen before or else have little details other than ‘x’ isn’t working. I see moderators answering questions here all the time though, and have helped me a lot.

Stack Overflow is a lot more demanding/particular on question etiquette than here, but you do learn how to get your questions answered.


Thanks for that, I too have used StackOverflow and found the process cumbersome for a newbie and felt the wrath of those that use it regularly.

I still think the unanswered questions should not be ignored as potentially the question asked could be relevant to your problem and having found it in a search then have no answer is extremely frustrating. I have to say that this Forum is not on its own with this issue.


yep, the onus is on us to take the time to give as much info as possible in our questions so the mods can answer us quickly and correctly. that’s why I’m using github/bitbucket for my repos so I can link to them if I’m mega stuck. too many times I got stuck on something in the past and sent out a question which looking at later is not too helpful for those trying to help. as kinda rude and frightening as Stack Overflow is, it teaches you and keeps that website ordered. having to reply to a question with “can you please show your code” must get a bit tiresome for the mods/experts after a while. much more efficient if the code is already in the question.


Most users here just don’t have any experience with Ionic Creator, that’s why most of these questions go unanswered by the “common” responders like myself. And as Ionic Creator is also Ionic v1 (which is very different from current Ionic), most of the “experienced” people also have no real incentive to invest time to learn about it, even if they just like learning and helping people with stuff.


I’m in the same boat as @Sujan12. I’ve never used any of the Ionic Services stuff, so have absolutely no clue about any of it.


Yeah. Honestly, @mrwrighty, my real response to any of those questions would be, “Why are you doing this to yourself? Learn the new Ionic, or Angular.” But that just seems rude, so I don’t respond. But if you’re struggling to learn something new, why not spend your time learning something that is being actively supported and developed?


@AaronSterling Are you suggesting that Creator is not actively supported and developed then. I have only recently joined the Ionic Creator as a paid service because I liked the quick drag and drop designer function. I have to create enterprise apps with a quick turn around. I was hoping I was buying into a supported product and I could ask the relevant questions and like all new products (to anyone) there is a learning curve. I have developed many many apps using XDK which no longer supports mobile app dev (They have moved to IOT). I am migrating a couple of apps that need updating and have some issues that I was hoping that both support and or the forum could assist with. It was not my intention to stir anything or cause offence.

My concern is that I may have bought into something (Creator) that isn’t actually going anywhere and now wondering why the version of Ionic it uses is still on Ionic V1


I see your point - definitely sounds like a Creator expert lurking on these forums would be a good thing. maybe demand for Creator so far has not been high enough. time will tell on that


I did ask Ionic support a question relating to the code I was using in a project, but they are unable to answer the question because they are a small team and could not allocate the time. This is frustrating as the only way they will build a following is by actively supporting their own product, Creator or otherwise. To quote support:-

“I wish I could be of more direct help on this one, but this kind of coding help isn’t the kind of thing our support is able to provide. I hope you’ll understand that we’re a small team, and the only way we’re able to maintain our support is by limiting it only to the features of the Creator tool itself.”

The frustrating part is that I have asked the same question on this forum and that too remains unanswered so it leaves me wondering how to proceed with Ionic and Angular. I’m keen to learn, I have no choice, that is where forums such as this come into there own.

If I was to post the question on a non creator sections, is there the likelihood the question would be answered but in a way that was relevant to creator.


This question can only be answered by the people behind Ionic Creator. We can only tell you that Ionic v1, the framework Creator creates code for, is a legacy version of Ionic and most people here in the forum are working with the current Ionic. There was talk about Ionic Creator supporting newer versions of Ionic, but I don’t know the current state of it - from looking at the ionic-creator categorized posts coming in here, nothing changed (yet). Also something only the Ionic Creator people can answer.