Losing Touch...Events


I have this strange issue where for some reason all touch events stop responding. I cannot swipe sliders, or scroll over content. Click events seem unaffected.

I do not know why this happens, it seems to be happening randomly and not following any specific pattern. The problem appears both in browser and on device.

Anyone else having this issue that can share some insight?

I am using beta-11.


Can you put together a codepen example of this?


the only thing i had was that some errors blocks the complete UI but not just a part.
could you make a pen/plnkr and are there errors?


I dont think I can do that as I cannot determine what actually causes it. The app works fine and at some point, in no particular screen or action being made it looses touch control. It might be 3-4 minutes into using the app, after half an hour or not at all. But it does happen both in the browser and device.


No error is raised when touch is lost?
Very strange, did you manage to reproduce it, in a codepen/plunker?


I’m having a similar problem.

For me it happens on a Modal. It won’t even allow focusing of input controls.

I’m trying to narrow down the cause, but I’m not sure. No errors are thrown. I was thinking maybe the .disable-pointer-events class was incorrectly being applied (or not removed), but that’s not it. I’ll post an example if/when I can figure it out.


So, in my case, the body tag still has the loading-active class applied. If I manually remove it, the modal works as expected.

It is still a random thing though, I’m not sure what causes it to happen.