Loopback with Ionic

I am trying to run a loopback server with ionic client, but I am getting “Error: Cannot GET /cordova.js” error.
My code is in github in : https://github.com/giladba/BetterTrader2.git

problem description :
I created a loopback application, and at the client directory I created an ionic tabs application.
I ran these commands on the client directory :

ionic platform add android
ionic build android

In server/middleware.json I redirected the index.html folder to the ionic www folder like so:

“files”: {
“loopback#static”: {
“params”: “$!../client/www”

but when i run node . I get cordova.js not found when I open http://localhost:3000/ in the browser :

note that even thought there is an exception the application seems to be working fine.
Any idea how i can fix the exception ?

Are you pointed to platforms/android/www/index.html because that’s where cordova.js is.

What do you mean by pointed ?
My index.HTML is simply at client\www, not the path you wrote.
The exception is at the server side, I have no idea why or where the server references Cordova, I did not even write any code for the server