Loopadot - challenging casual gaming/logic puzzle app


I’d like to present my new app “Loopadot”! Its a casual gaming app/logic puzzle/however you would call this :smiley: available for Android and iOS and (for sure) made with Ionic!

Move all dots in circles of the same color while using as few moves as possible! Sounds too easy? Well, try it out and try to solve all 93 Levels!
Circumvent obstacles and think some moves ahead to find the solution! Only the best will solve all puzzles with 3 stars.

  • Easy rules – still brain challenging
  • No time limit! Perfectly for a play in between! Just continue where you stopped!
  • Limited number of moves – you need to find a really simple solution
  • Guaranteed to be completely playable for free and without powerups needed!
  • Powerups are here to help in case you are stuck
  • Following powerups are available for you:
    ** Revert move: Can revert your last move(s)
    ** Jump: Makes a dot jump over another dot
    ** Swap: Swap 2 dots with each other
    ** More moves: Get some more moves in case you almost finished and want to complete it
  • Relaxing but still challenging game which lets you train your brain
  • Great for smartphones AND tablets!
  • Easy start – getting more and more difficult
  • Modern, timeless, clear and minimalistic design
  • Intuitive handling: Swipe or tap the dots – the game will adjust to your needs!
  • Funny sound effects – completely deactivatable in case you want to play silently
  • For everbody who loves challenging games for in between!
  • Addictiveness included!
  • Perfect for breaks!

Android Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.develovision.loopadot
iOS App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1236803167

Feedback and some nice rating welcome :slight_smile:


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