Looking for Ionic Architecture Advice

I would like to get some opinions on how best to implement functionality similar the seller functionality in eBay’s mobile application. Basically, when you need to enter information about the item you are selling, each bit of information (for example, title or the description, you click on the topic header and it takes you to another screen to enter or select the value then return to the main screen to see the summary of all the information you entered. So it is like having inputs on a form in ionic, but instead of typing the information in the form directly on that screen, it just takes you another screen to edit the information.

Here are some screenshots to better explain:

I would like to implement the same thing for my app, and am looking to see if anyone has any creative ideas on how best to implement this. Some thoughts that I am currently considering:

  1. Use a full screen modal form… when they click on one of the inputs, it would open a modal for that input to edit the input. The pros for this is that it is all on the same page, so updating the information on the main form would be easy.

  2. Use separate pages and share data between the pages with local storage. I assumed local storage would be required because even though it would be easy to send information to the second screen, I am not sure how I would automatically update the information on the main form when the use clicked back.

So if anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate it!


I went with the full screen modal approach and it seems to be working great.