Looking for Experienced Ionic / PouchDB developer for remote work

Dear Ionic Forum :slight_smile:

This is a remote freelance opportunity, I am looking for someone to work with me on an Ionic project that I have been developing for five months now. There is plenty of timescale left and now is a good time to bring someone else in. It may well lead to other projects as well. This is an enterprise level app in the healthcare arena, and will probably need an NDA.

You really need to have experience with Ionic / PouchDB. I’m looking for someone who has been through the painful learning curve to help me out on this angle. This is a primary requirement.

If you have experience of working with Wifi networks, potentially using the WifiWizard, and websockets (possibly with a MQTT library), that would also be great.

I’m looking for someone to not only help me extend the functionality, but to guide me on best design patterns and appraise the code I have written to date.

I’m not specifically looking for a UI person, but it’s always helpful.

Look forward to hearing from some of you


I am Interested. Please tell me more about it on troy.cis20@gmail.com

Looking forward


Hi @codiqa1000101513, I have gone through your requirement and I can assist you. Add me on my S.k.y.p.e on cis(dot)kristy.


Hello @codiqa1000101513

I am interested in this project. Please contact me manish[at]OST[dot]Agency or Skype manish.osuniver



Would be glad to discuss the details and scope of work. Keenly interested to work with you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Email: hi@addwebsolution.com | Skype: hello.addweb


Thanks to everyone who has got in contact. I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the responses from most people. It’s just along the lines of ‘Yes I can do that, get in touch so you can tell me what it’s about.’ No-one has really gone through the thinking process of demonstrating to me their skillset. I wonder if other people have experienced this on the forum as well. Anyway, I will go through each response today and tomorrow to see if there is a match. Thank you everyone.

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Can put my leg to walk together through development cycle. Have experience with healthcare app, complex Ionic app and ready to sign NDA. The learning curve will reflect my task and code.

Do have expertise with Ionic development, extending exiting app, PouchDB, websockets and can collaborate on designing patterns too.

Need to view your code and requirements on extending functionality.

Skype: jigar.hupp

Let’s connect!


You can contact me or check my skills at:

Simon, I know exactly what you are looking for, and your purpose.
WifiWizard2,MQTT and websockets (this one probably not on app side).

how shall i contact you?