Looking for a way to not load all ion-slide-box slides up front


I am needing to lazy load slides basically like this http://fundoo-solutions.github.io/angularjs-carousel/. As soon as I click on a slide all the slides are downloaded. I am wanting only the current slide and a couple ahead and a couple of previous slides to load when one is clicked.Any help would be appreciated.


You could try this.

Basically it will hide and show slides depending if it is the previous, current, or next slide.


Thanks for response. What I am trying do to however is not download all the images from the server at one time. If I had 100 image url’s in an array being displayed inside a ng-repeat I don’t want all 100 downloaded at once. I modified your example to show what I am talking about http://codepen.io/jmorrisIII/pen/nCfot?editors=101 . If you open chrome development and filter network traffic to images you see that all 12 are downloaded when you clear cache and refresh. If I arrive in the middle of the list I only want that image plus a couple after and a couple before then as I scroll download a few more ahead to keep up. If you view the network traffic while scrolling this example http://fundoo-solutions.github.io/angularjs-carousel/ it is basically doing what I am wanting. I am a noob so I may not have a clue as to what I am talking about.Thanks


You can could do something like this, where it will only load 2 slides at first then the rest after a period of time.


That trick is genius, thanks so much! It works perfectly, very noticeable performance improvement.


I want to show all slide box one after other with a small gap. and the most imp thing is that i want it in vertical and in version 2