Looking for a date-picker for ionic / mobile performance focused

Hello ionic community dev.

I’m looking for without success for a datepicker directive/module using angular/ionic focused for a mobile usage and without jquery and bootstrap.
If someone has a suggestion, or a link, it will be greatly appreciate.
Can I suggest to ionic team to include this component (date and time picker )?

Regards, thanks for your answers.

Try to stick native and <input type="date">

Hello Bonda,

Thank for your answer, but I’m looking for a date picker which looks like a “calendar”, as

which can be displayed inline with options like i18n, disabling/enabling date.
I know that’s it’s a bit “more” than just picking a date, but a I think it’s a “relative” common need in an app.


Hello daniryc,
You can use angular-datepicker for this.
i have created demo app in my github profile. download and look at it.
Let me know it works for you or not.


Lomas Joshi

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That was great mate, thanks

Hi @daniryc, I have created both time picker and date picker for ionic frame works.
Please have a look at the below links.

ionic-timepicker demo

ionic-timepicker Bower component

ionic-datepicker demo

ionic-datepicker Bower component

Hi, Focusing on a good user experience for a time picker I’ve created a new component which has a native feel to it.

If anyone is interested, it can be seen at:

Hope this helps,