Looking for a collaborator, willing to learn easier alongside someone

Hey guys, I will keep this short, who is interested please contact me further - Discord: Divergent#9094 - Email: 2017.andrei.d@gmail.com

I am working for a transportation company in Germany, as Driver, I love driving. The company is not big, but it needs an application for data tracking such as workers, fleet, jobs, tours etc. This app should work on phones, android, so the drivers can use it to accept new jobs or track their own route, when arriving at a destination, next etc…

The management should be able to use the application on a computer for management things such as tracking workers, looking where they are positioned on the map using google maps, when they are on duty and driving. Look up worker history in the company, records, hours, tours etc. Add new jobs for drivers to accept, do reports at the end of the month with how many hours each driver worked and payment per hour and export to excel for accounting office.

This is a rough description of the app but for the job I’ve chosen to do it as a Progressive Web App so it works on phones and computers at same time with same code, faster to finish than a standalone application.

I’ve been working in past with websites using PHP Laravel, Python Django and few other, but this is my first Progressive Web App and I am looking for a buddy or more who is also willing to learn and want to code this with me together. It’s fun to learn in a group than alone. There is no payment from this project, even not for me, I don’t get anything from the company, I want to do this project to learn, add it to my showcase and that’s all.

So this is pointed at those who want to learn together, I don’t expect any experienced to contact me since it’s not paid.


ich schreib mal auf Deutsch. Ich weiß garnicht ob das als PWA machbar ist. Du möchtest ja Zugriff auf die Position der Fahrer, dafür muss die Anwendung als App auf dem Gerät installiert sein. So wie ich das sehen, hast du hier ein klassisches System und brauchst:

  • App
  • Backend
  • Web Frontend (für das Management)

Das ist glaube ich nicht ganz so einfach wie du dir das vorstellst :smiley:

I’ll reply in english because I am still learning Deutsch, I’m not that good at it.

Well, the driver can use the PWA on the Phone, all the company phones are connected to internet at all times, we use Samsung A40. And looking through the features provided by Ionic, it is the perfect framework for such an application which I’d say, would work perfect on phones.

The front end of the App I plan to make with Ionic and Angular and for Backend I will use nodejs making an API.

I don’t see any issues in using this PWA on phones and computers.

Thanks for your time to reply.

Okay than i continue on english. You want to have the Drivers Position right? I don’t know (think) that you can get it with an PWA. I think you need a App for this. Also it should work in the Background, etc. that is a difficult topic even in Apps. I don’t think it works in an PWA.

There is only one good Plugin for Background Geolocation, which costs by the way: https://github.com/transistorsoft/cordova-background-geolocation-lt/blob/master/README.md - In our App we bought it. This won’t work in PWA i think

Well, for GPS location it may not work through a PWA since it doesn’t work in background, I may have to research tho’ but for other things I am pretty sure it will work because the Driver will open the PWA page on his phone to update his route, he can see available jobs, accept them, when he reaches the destination click on a button to update his status, arrived at etc… all those I am pretty sure are possible.

He will also need to take a photo of the load which is possible with ionic.

Also, a Progressive Web App can run service workers in background for different tasks, but with a service worker I can’t probably access the location, but if the driver has the site loaded on his phone, then I can access the location. So probably he work phones will be always with the app open, except when using them for calls or other things, but our work phones are only used for another Logistic application so it won’t be a problem to keep the application open at all times, the phones are always in the company vehicles being loaded.

Sorry for replying so slow but I can’t reply faster due to a timer, my account is new.

Okay then it could work. Good Luck with this! :blush:

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Thanks for your time :smiley: If you want, I can keep you updated on what I do when I reach a milestone.

Hello Andrei,

I have seen your post and I would be more than happy to help you. I have sent you an email along with my contact details and past project samples. Please check and let me know your thoughts.