Logout with auth connect and cognito

I am developing an application in ionic 5 with the enterprise auth connect plugin.
The reference authentication server is known aws.
I had no major problems logging in.
I have an error on the logout function, when I trigger the logout function the urel is called
and immediately dobo, I don’t understand why, the login url is called
which breaks because it does not have all the parameters to login.
But why he re-login remains a mystery …
Why do I see redirectUri in the logout call?

for the record I don’t have a login page inside the project nor a logout page but I only call the functions of the plugin
these are my configurations for the web part, on the device I will work later.

 auth0WebConfig: {
        // the auth provider
        authConfig: 'cognito',
        // The platform which we are running on
        platform: 'web',
        // client or application id for provider
        // the discovery url for the provider
        // OpenID configuration
        discoveryUrl: 'https://cognito-idp.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/eu-central-1_KrdNphJNh/.well-known/openid-configuration',
        // the URI to redirect to after log in
        redirectUri: 'http://localhost:4200',
        // requested scopes from provider
        scope: 'openid',
        // the audience, if applicable
        audience: 'FILL-IN',
        // the URL to redirect to after log out
        logoutUrl: 'http://localhost:4200?logout=true',
        // The type of iOS webview to use. 'shared' will use a webview that can share session/cookies
        // on iOS to provide SSO across multiple apps but will cause a prompt for the user which asks them
        // to confirm they want to share site data with the app. 'private' uses a webview which will not
        // prompt the user but will not be able to share session/cookie data either for true SSO across
        // multiple apps.
        iosWebView: 'private',