Logo in web view same as html page in ionic

I have to display html page logo’s position same as in web view which is open in web view for iOS. is there any logic between html page logo and iOS web view logo. so i can display both same as.

Thanks in advance.!!

Sorry, what are you trying to do? Can you please rephase the problem?

When application start we have header with logo for X and Y height width, this logo in html page. Now from application i am open web view, in header of web view i have to set logo same as html page header so is there any logic of height width and x and y.

Any Ionic application running on mobile is run in a Web View. So I don’t understand what you mean by the “I am open web view” that you do “from application”.

From ionic application i am open link inside this plugin

so inside that plugin i am doing custom code for logo so i need both logo same