Logo image not showing on Android and IOS


I’m trying to place an image in the header of our app and it shows on localhost but not in Android and IOS emulator.

<ion-view title='<img class="logo" src="../img/USAID-Logo-iPhone5s.png">' id="header">

I even tried:

<ion-view title='<img class="logo" src="/img/USAID-Logo-iPhone5s.png">' id="header">


<ion-view title='<img class="logo" src="img/USAID-Logo-iPhone5s.png">' id="header">

Still no luck with IOS and Android but worked fine locally.




What am I missing? I tried multiple paths but no luck.

I’ve resolved it by looking up this: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/phonegap/wSvlK8Em2HQ

I simply needed to change the path to: “./img/USAID-Logo-iPhone5s.png”

Yup, paths for images need to be relative to the index.html page.