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Greetings Everyone,


I have had a doubt so far regarding the implementation of user validation by Google.
So far I have no problems with obtaining the hash or anything but what is not clear to me is that in several places I have seen people in the Google developer console create 2 authentication systems, one is by web and the other It’s for android.
When I implement the obtaining of the requestIdToken to send it to the server and that it finally validates it through the web configuration I have no problems in obtaining the data and validating it, but I do apply the same steps to configure it but on the android platform this throws me error with code 10 That is certificate error.
Is there any way that something is wrongly configured or in what things I should set to be able to configure it correctly or if it is okay to enter through the web configuration to get the token data?

Greetings and any help with any comments would be welcome and grateful