Login/registration and make a post so people can thumbs up it?


Hi guys,

I want to make an iOS app where people can login, register and post a status that people can thumbs up - very simple. Not sure where to start or if I need mySQL? or anything like that.

Thanks in advance


sure, if you want to store credentials and posts and so on. you need something like a backend and a database.
Both could be anything written in PHP/PERL/Python, java, nodejs… and so on. The database could be what you want like mysql, MongoDB, mysqlite, postgres, couchdb, … or only an inmemory db.

If you have no knowledges in backend and db technologies you can try to use a BaaS like https://parse.com/.

First you should build up your datamodels like “what userdata i need, how my authentication should work, what data are stored for a post”.

After that the paas or your backend should provide api-endpoints to let the app communicate with your backend. After that you can start with user authorization in you app like registration/login and after that build the access-restricted views like post creating and voting.