Login Page + Side Menu

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to create an app with creator… I choose the “SideMenu” template… but it seems tant side menu must be set for default page.

Why isn’t it possible :

  1. to create / remove the sidemenu at any time?
  2. to “link” the sidemenu to any created page (I know that tant can be only one menu, no pbm with that)

Same “issues” for “Tabbed” template…

In my case I created a login page, marked it as default.
I have to hide sidemenu button in this page AND hide header…

If I “run” the preview from Login page, the problem is that with this config the sidemenu button will no longer appear in other pages (even with the correct option set to “show = true”. BUT if I run the preview from my “Home” page then the sidemenu is displayed…

Any idea ?

(FYI, I’m able to achieve correctly all this stuff with an app created from scratch, without Creator).

Thx in advance,