'Login', no authnetication, just stores sessions variables


Hi folks, just started using Ionic Creator (former Codiqa users) and stumbling around a little.

Previous apps using jQuery / Mobile were easy enough, but this is a whole new ballgame

Here is my issue with trying to do a modern vesion of an existing app

There are plenty of guides to login authentication using external source but I want to do something simpler

I have a login screen with name, email, mobile - /login
I have a welcome page - /welcome

These three fields are required to go to the welcome page, and if its not set… /login will keep loading, and if it is set the app should route to /welcome

There is no authentication source, this is purely persistent localStorage

Can I do the code for this within the creator or is it all after coding?


Did you have any luck with this?

I think I’m after the same sort of answer


this may help if you haven’t gotten anywhere