Login callback failing with Social Providers


Hello everyone,

I want to allow my users to login using Google and Facebook, so I’m using the Social Providers from Ionic Platform.

I’ve set the keys and secrets for both services and I’m already able to login with my credentials, but I get an error after the consent screen, for both Google and Facebook.

The error I get is an web page with the message
"Webpage not available
The webpage at http://auth.ionic.io/login?token=&app_id= could not be loaded because

Can someone help me with this?
Thanks in advance.


After some time I found out that I had an outdated version of the cordova InAppPlugin, and the problema is that it was not firing the ‘loadstart’ event.

To update the plugin you can remove and add it again.

Maybe it’s common knowledge, but in the debugging process I also discovered that the domain http://auth.ionic.io doesn’t really exists, it’s only used so the InAppBrowser can intercept this url and end the login flow. Perhaps this information will save someone’s else time.