Localstorage not load image

I have created a request http, and save this in localstorage, but…load only text…not images and videos

.controller(‘detailsCtrl’, function($scope,$http,$sce, $stateParams,$timeout,$ionicLoading,$rootScope) {

var wordpressUrl ="http://www.mysite.it/sites/wordpress/wp-json/wp/v2/posts/"+ $stateParams.pippolistId;
    content: 'Loading',
    animation: 'fade-in',
    showBackdrop: true,
    maxWidth: 200,
    showDelay: 0
    // effetuo la chimamata REST API
  // risposta positiva
  console.log("Reveived getPosts via HTTP: ", response, status);
      // Loading Json 
  $scope.post = response;
  window.localStorage.setItem("post", JSON.stringify(response));
  console.log( response );
})// fine success

//risposta negativa
.error(function(response, status){
  console.log("Error while received response. " + status + response);
  if(window.localStorage.getItem("post") !== undefined) {
     $scope.post = JSON.parse(window.localStorage.getItem("post"));
});// fine error