Localstorage and token not updating

Before today, everytime i ran “ionic run android”, I had to login in my app because the access token was deleted together with all localstorage (I stored it in localstorage), and also the ionicPush registration token for the device would change.
But since today, after “ionic run android” the localstorage is not cleared and the ionic push registration token is not changing, but instead is always the same (and if I try to send a notification to that token, i get GCM_INVALID_REGISTRATION).

The funny thing is that this happens if the phone is connected to the internet, if not the app takes 3 minutes to launch (3 seconds instead, if connected) and everything works fine.

What is happening?

P.S. Today the ionic push service page returned “Application Error” for about 20 minutes, does it have anything to do with this?

(sorry for bad english)