LocalNotifications - "firstAt" is not working with "every"

I wanna set trigger at a specific time for every day, so tried below code which doesn’t work.

      id: 1,
      title: 'asdf',
      text: 'asdf',
      trigger: {
        every: ELocalNotificationTriggerUnit.DAY,
        firstAt: new Date(new Date().getTime() + 3600)

But when i use only “firstAt” or “every: ELocalNotificationTriggerUnit.MINUTE” it works.

Please help me !!!

If you want to target iOS platform, please, do not use firtAt since it’s not availible in iOS.
Source : https://github.com/katzer/cordova-plugin-local-notifications

But if i use only ‘firstAt’ it works in iOS.

How should i schedule a notification at a specific time for every day ?

Still I’m struggling.

If it works… That’s weird but why not…
Maybe this is a non-sense, but have you tried to set the firstAt before the every? Which makes more common sense?

I just tried it but didn’t work.

you could use : trigger: { in 2, every: 2, unit: 'hour' }
It will trigger in 2 hour and then every 2 hours

It works this way woth the official plugin, not sure about Ionic Native implementation : https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-native/blob/master/src/%40ionic-native/plugins/local-notifications/index.ts

Type of ‘every’ and ‘unit’ is ‘ELocalNotificationTriggerUnit’, they don’t accept integer or string value.

Have you resolved this? I’m struggling with the same issue

nope, i gave up to use it :frowning:

No one has figured out a work around for a repeatable notification with a delayed start on iOS? There must be a way to do the “firstAt” + “every” combination with a different solution…