Local storage set value from my database?

how to set the value here for my database in 000webhost?

// set a key/value
storage.set(‘name’, ‘Max’);

 // Or to get a key/value pair
 storage.get('name').then((val) => {
   console.log('Your name is', val);


this is my json database:

[{“act_id”:“1”,“act_title”:“Thanksgiving Day”,“act_date”:“November 27, 2016”,“act_content”:“To gather in unity ? It is refreshing and invigorating when people come together, in celebration of a common purpose. It is a reconciliation of differences as well as a time of healing. In sharing our victories as well as our struggles, we find strength and hope…”}]

any idea and suggestions guys?
tnx in advance.

I didn’t understand what your problem is.

Do you want to set a value in your local storage from your database ? If so, something like that should work :

   storage.get('name').then((val) =>     {
       localStorage.setItem('name', val);