Local Notifications in Ionic View?


I have some beta testers testing my app and I am deploying to them via ionic view.

Local notifications are not working for them. I assume that’s expected behaviour when running via ionic view, but just wanted to confirm.

Can someone let me know?


It looks like you’re right @gotters, I’ve been testing some Local notifications and Ionic View doesn’t show them, In order to test that I had to generate the APK, Sign it, and install it on my Phone.

If is there a way to test the functionalities from Ionic Native in Ionic View… I would like to know how is it!



Actually if you’re curious which plugins are supported by ionic View, I would like to refer to the documentation:


I never managed to do it. All testing of notifications had to happen via Android emulator
Good luck!


Of course not, as local notifications are not one of the supported plugins of Ionic View: