Local notification plugin - Notification on lock screen

I currently working on local notifications in my app and use cordova-plugin-local-notifications for that.
It works so far and could be used with what I know about it for my purposes.

However what motivated me to try it out in the first place was a screenshot of a lock screen with a notification.
I got it on emulator with android 5 but it doesn’t seem to work with android 4.2.2 (my device).

Am I missing something, or aren’t notifications on the lock screen not supported with the plugin in 4.2.2?

And if can anyone tell me if this is because it isn’t possible, really hard or just not implemented because only cheap devs like me cling to their old phones ( :wink: )?

I’m thinking about adding this feature to the plugin myself but my java days were a long time ago (played a little with android sdk on 2.1), so I think while I might get it to work it would be somewhat wasteful if it is to complicated.