Local Backend on Device

Good day folks,

is there any way to implement a backend inside a hybrid app?

The only solution I saw (jxcore) seems do be severely outdated.

Essentially, what I want to do is the following:

I want many devices to communicate with each other via a host device. The host should be a tablet (ipad or android!) and the clients could be any iOS or android device.

If the host device is an android device, this is relatively easy to do. But I don’t see a way to do this for iOS without a native app.

The only solutions I see are:

  • implement native apps
  • use a independent server for the backend

Am I missing something here?

What exactly are you trying to do? At first sight this sounds like a very complicated solution for a standard and quite simple problem - use a remote backend.


I am trying to create a app for Point of Sale. So in a restaurant the waiters could place the order from the different tables. Obviously every waiter should have the table’s most recent data so every waiter can bill every table.

And many customers do not want their data do be stored externally. So I thought i had two options here:

  • Every customer has to setup their own server (raspberry or anything with sufficient power and storage)
  • The manager’s tablet is the central device coordinating all the data

Thanks for your time!

I, personally, wouldn’t trust one tablet with that data. I would definitely prefer a proper server with an OS that I can control.

‘Open-Table’, a program many restaurants use for tracking seating and managing reservations (you probably know of it if you’re in the restaurant industry) has a payment system too.
Maybe a little research into their practices could give you some tips. Their payment system allows them to pay the bill from their phone instead of servers running the guests cards. Might find some useful info. Good luck!