Loading Indicator on initial page load

I have a page in my TabsComponent that contains a large component, thus the first time loading this page takes quite a while.
The problem is that while loading all interactions with the app are blocked (no reaction when clicking on other tabs).

I have tried to solve the problem by presenting a loading indicator in ionViewWillEnter() but the indicator is displayed only after the page already rendered.

Question1: Is there a way to get the indicator showing before the page is loaded the first time?
Question2: Is there a way to get user interaction working while the page loads? (If the user clicks on another tab it should immediately switch to that tab)

Are you able to include the loading indicator into your component? - Before all the large stuff starts?

I just tried to put it inside the big component but it is still rendering the loading indicator after the component rendered.

Maybe with ionViewDidLoad()?

Already tried that, same result