Load img from http url source


How to I load images from http? It seems that may image from the url doesn’t load using http and it loads only from https images.


Do you see any error in console? Do the images really exist? Are you trying to load any image in a webview which is served over https causing a mixed content problem?


Is this on-device? If so, which device and OS? In a browser?


I don’t see any error in the console and the image really exists because when I tried to paste the url to the browser I can see the image clearly. I only load the http image.


Yes this is on an android device.


Can you share your code so that I can test it on my end?


my only code is just something like this <img [src]=“http://www.someimageurl.com/image.jpg”>


Try to remove the (brackets) from around src


ah well that url is a variable. I just added the link so that you can see that I am trying to use an image with an http on it.


So, did you sanitize the URL?