Load cordova app on web server

I’ve been asking around for a week and didn’t have useful feedbacks yet, just tried several things by myself without success.

I want to load my cordova app, host it on my local webserver and also load it on a standard android webview (chrome webview). It’s important that the app still recognizes cordova API like plugin-file.

By other means, I’m trying to use cordova API features to interact with an internal app without actually changing the internal app.

I’ve tried stuff like “cordova-plugin-remote-injection”, I could not set it up successfully though, and also by creating a normal NodeJS (express) application where I served the cordova.js and all JS files related to the cordova-plugins from “platform_www”, (I can show you the traceback log I have).

Anyway, I would like to know if you can gimme some good tips I could follow to accomplish this.

I understand the security concernings about this but it’s strictly for paper use and this project will not be released at any way, thus avoiding any break of google guidelines, since the focus is only for Android apps.