Load checkbox updated values to activities list

I’m trying to find useful example,

for example if I want load this updated values from database then load as string to list private checkBoxVal: any[] = [];, but how to load checkbox values name: this.value, checked: false to this.activitiesList to avoid static list:

 this.activitiesList = [
      { name: 'value a', checked: false },
      { name: 'value b', checked: false },
      { name: 'value c', checked: false },
      { name: 'value d', checked: false },
      { name: 'value e', checked: false },

my english is not the best, so I guess I understand it wrong, but do you mean something like push and related to an array?

this.activitiesList.push({ name: 'value x', checked: true})

Best regards, anna-liebt.

@anna_liebt thank you!