Livereload without rebuild?

Stupid question: I’ve got my mobile app relatively stable, but am making changes to the server platform. Do I have to do a new rebuild each time I start work for the day? I can’t find any hints on how to make it use the existing build from the previous day.


What are you doing right now when you start your work day?

Hi Sujan,

At end of day, stop ionic run, stop Genymotion, shut down PC.

At start of day, boot up PC, start Genymotion, run “ionic run android --livereload”. But I’m not touching the mobile code - just the server code. It still seems to rebuild everything rather than using the apk which was built previously.


Well, why wouldn’t you just launch the app on your device/emulator by touching the icon then?

You’ve already run it, so it must be installed on the device right? So if you don’t change any code…just launch it right?

Hi, apologies for not responding. I’ve since made the switch to using ionic serve to get the bulk of the development done, and just stubbing out the various calls when appropriate. Appreciate your help.