--livereload with XCode or "Target Membership" via CLI build?


  1. Can we do --livereload specifically with XCode, as opposed to the command line? How?
    2.1) Can we “Target Membership” of .m plugin files via command line? How?
    2.2) Can we include libraries (such as ImageIO) needed by plugins via command line build? How?

The reason for these questions is that:

** Some plugins work for me only when I tick “Target Membership” in XCode for their .m files.

If I try to ionic build/run ios after doing Target Membership via XCode, I’ll get a build errors (will provide in edit soon)

The following official plugins (eg on ngCordova) are usually problematic

  1. Camera plugin
  2. DatePicker plugin
  3. Facebook

My Dev Environment:

RoverMR:build_feed rover$ cordova --version
RoverMR:build_feed rover$ npm --version
RoverMR:build_feed rover$ node --version
RoverMR:build_feed rover$ ionic --version
OSX 10.10.1
XCode 6.1.1