Livereload error: Webpage not available

Im suddenly getting this error on the device when doing ionic run android -l:

Webpage not available
The webpage at could not be loaded because:

First i can see the splashscreen but then I just get an empty page with this message. This is not happening when I do ionic run android (without livereload).

I get no errors from the CLI except cordova process is exiting. adb logcat shows this:

PLEASE HELP! :frowning:

Ive tried to reinstall cordova and ionic… I didnt have this problem yesterday, and Ive made no changes at all.

@tobbe did you find the solution to this problem, I am getting same error while running on device but it is working fine on emulator, any hint ?

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Hi, yea my problem was that the device wasn’t connected to the same WiFi as the computer.


@tobbe its working now, don’t know how :smile:

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I had to configure Windows Firewall in Control Panel to keep the ports open.

The trick on my side was that I then needed to reboot so the changes took effect.

I had the same issue. My problem was that my wifi was turned of on phone.

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