Live Update only partially working?

We’re experiencing an issue where we deploy a Live Update and a couple of devices (in this case an Android Pixel and an iOS device (not 100% sure which device but its on iOS 14) are definitely updating because they are correctly displaying the app version number on the app’s login page. However, another part of the app has clearly not updated as the app is displaying an alert that was removed in the latest version. Is this even possible? And if it happens, why/when/how would it happen?

If in the Appflow dashboard you download the zip file of the build you are trying to apply, do you have the full update?

I’m not in the office at the moment so cannot check that but I would assume the full update is there because some devices have updated fully - I have two test devices that updated ok and my colleague has a couple of devices that seem (If what they are telling me is correct) to have updated partially.

Ok, please verify on your end.
other things to check:

  • the manifest in the applied live update is the same you have in the zip file you download from the dashboard
  • there is not committed code inside the www directory (or wherever directory you configured, if it is a Capacitor app) before running a build

If these checks pass, you need to open a ticket with support.