List with sub-lists

I am making a foo app.

I have categories (Vegetables, Fruit, Meat) and if you click Fruit I have (apple, oranges…). Whene you click oranges you get to a deatil-page with info on oranges.

My problem is thate I made the category list static. I made 13 different list (because id did not know how to make lists with sublist and carry parameter from list -> sublist -> detailpage.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Help will be appreciated

There’s a tutorial for this here:

And here is another more in depth one:

Hope this helps. :smile:


But the example is not list with sub-lists, that when clicked go to a detail page - is it?

It’s showing you how to pass the data from one view to another based on the list item clicked, and use that data in the new view.