List Swipe on MS Store App not working


I'm trying to use the can-swipe="listCanSwipe" functionality with some underlying ion-option-button's which works great on everything so far except windows store apps. I was wondering if someone's ran into this already in the windows store app environment and might save me some troubleshooting time by sharing their own findings and possible workarounds?


I spoke before doing device testing, still for some reason not getting the swipe to respond to touch events on a Win8 tablet.

Ok, after doing some digging through the DOM I finally found that the css class disable-user-behavior looks like it’s getting inherited. So after just adding -ms-touch-action: pan-x; to my existing css I’m using for the item-complex/item-content then it will now accept the swipe on the list item and expose the option buttons.

Hope this helps someone in the future, cheers!