List swipe buttons


I’m working with a list and I want each item swipe to show options. It’s ok through here, but when I tap on one option I want to close the buttons again – how can i do this in my controller?

$scope.listButtons = [{
Text: "Download",
Type: "button-assertive",
onTap: function(file){
//after tap hide buttons code here..


I would also like to know how to close the slider in the function.


+1 to this. It will be nice if it close the swipe automatically when there is a tap on other area out of the buttons, including the current list item.


That’s how the standard iOS slide list controls work (see on iOS 7).

I’d also like to know how to programmatically close the slider.

Issues in accessing ng-model while using ion-list options-buttons in Todo Tutorial

Anyone ever figure this out?


Opened a feature request ( Issue 887 ) for this :


Realy thanks calendee!


FYI : A very soon to be released new nightly feature has this :