List-performance on Galaxy Nexus i9250 1.2Ghz 1GB Ram

Somebody use a phone with compareable hardware? 1.2Ghz, 1GB Ram, Android 4.3
I’ve tried the standard ng-repeat, collection-repeat and bindOnce, but scrolling over a list with about 30 standard-items isn’t smooth. I tried it in a new ionic-blank installation.

Edit: With the App FPS-Meter i got 26-32 FPS on fast scrolling, but it looks and feels a bit … juddery, notchy, jerking?! dont know the right word :wink:

Hows janky for the word :smile:

Interesting situation. It could be just a UI thing. Does the hole app feel slow? Are transitions working properly? Try adding has-bouncing="true" to ion-content.

Are you able to get any memory performance specs?

janky… hmm no i think thats not the word :wink: only it means… stuttering… :wink: … my english-skills are under 9000…
But no, not the hole app feels slow… transitions are fine… but unfortunately not yet native (buttons)… :wink:
will try to get performance specs tomorrow.

Alright, if at all possible, PM me a link to the project and I could always take a look.

+1 for the 9000 comment

It seems to be the Webview of Android <= 4.3. Will try Crosswalk and maybe install KitKat on my “old” phone, hope there is a kitkat-image for me :wink: In Chrome on my Android scrolling is smooth (as Webpage).
And its not the list itself, also a long page … stuttering on scrolling