List of mouse and touch events across browsers and real devices


Hello guys! I came across this method to access large number of mouse events that works beautifully both on browsers and real devices.

The supported mouse events are:

hmDoubleTap : 'doubletap',
hmDragstart : 'dragstart',
hmDrag : 'drag',
hmDragUp : 'dragup',
hmDragDown : 'dragdown',
hmDragLeft : 'dragleft',
hmDragRight : 'dragright',
hmDragEnd : 'dragend',
hmHold : 'hold',
hmPinch : 'pinch',
hmPinchIn : 'pinchin',
hmPinchOut : 'pinchout',
hmRelease : 'release',
hmRotate : 'rotate',
hmSwipe : 'swipe',
hmSwipeUp : 'swipeup',
hmSwipeDown : 'swipedown',
hmSwipeLeft : 'swipeleft',
hmSwipeRight : 'swiperight',
hmTap : 'tap',
hmTouch : 'touch',
hmTransformstart : 'transformstart',
hmTransform : 'transform',
hmTransformend : 'transformend'

To use any or all of these in your app, just follow these steps:

  1. Include [Hammer.js][1] in your HTML
  2. Include [angular-gestures.js][2] and declare `angular-gestures` as a dependency for your angular app:
    `angular.module('myApp', ['angular-gestures']);`
  3. Use the available events as attributes. To use the touch event:
    <div hm-touch="someFunction()">

That’s it there is to it.

When can we expect standard mouse events as directives