List of Animations in docs has disappeared?

There used to be a list of the various animations (fade-in, slide-in-up, etc.) in the CSS > Utility section in the docs, but it appears to have disappeared? Does anyone know the full list, or can point me to where in the ionic code I could find them? Thanks!

Hi @rajatrocks, with Ionic1.0.0-beta.14 they were removed. See Breaking Changes for more info about.

We’ll probably see new animations with the next Ionic release (the first off beta), optimized for nav-transition and nav-direction directives. You can find the ‘slide-in-up’ modal animation and the already platform optimized animations at the end of ionic.css.

Thanks @xAlien95. In the interim, I still need to use animations and some of them (like fade-in and slide-in-up) still work for showing Modals. Others like slide-in-right don’t really seem to work anymore. I guess I’ll stick with the two that are working for now. Thanks!

v1.0.0 is out and the “CSS > Animations” section of the documentation is still missing (although the link does appear when searching the docs). Will this section ever come back?

I’m specifically looking for the possibility of a “slide-in-down” animation on a modal.