List is not scrolling if it's placed inside a tab & the tab is placed inside a nav-view


with the latest 0.9.23 build, the list is not scrolling if we are placing the list inside the tab & the tab is placed inside the nav-view.

The nav-view is required here , as not all the pages comes inside the tab.
It was working fine with the previous release.

See it here:


If I understand correctly, the nav-view is just where each state’s template is loaded. You can put default content in there, but it will be replaced when you activate a new state.

So I’m not sure I understand the problem, or why you can’t just do something like:

Would you mind explaining the scenario more? I can file an issue for this, but I just want to make sure it’s an actual bug first :smile: (Also I feel like I learn something new about ui-router every day)


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your quick look.
yes you are correct , state templates are getting populated inside the nav-view. In my case tabs page is a template page which will be displayed after a page (say a list page). As tabs is not a home page for me, I don’t have to make it available globally as described by your codepen & also I have different tabs pages, so hiding/showing the tabs part might be a ugly solution.

After the upgrade of 0.9.23 from 0.9.22 only have triggered this issue. Otherwise with 0.9.22 it was working fine.