List in a Pop-up using ng-Repeat for list items

I am trying to display a PopUp which contains a list of items that I am getting from an ajax call. I am getting the right response from the ajax call but it does not get displayed in the Pop up. Please have a look at the code:

var myPopup=${
title:'Events List',
template:'<div><ion-list ><ion-item ng-repeat="(key,event) in eventMap">{{event.event_name}}</ion-item></ion-list></div>'

here eventMap is an Object that maps key with value and value is again an object. Now if I execute this code, nothing gets displayed in the pop up except for the title. And when I inspected the code , I found that ngRepeat was commented out. Also if I put hard code in place of eventMap inside ng-repeat than it works fine. I am not able to solve this issue. please explain what I am doing wrong.

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Not really what a popup is meant to do. Try using a modal